Family Services Contact Person: Rajni Ganeriwala, Head

Diagnostic Clinic
Children with cerebral palsy are admitted for on-going management .Infants aged between 2 weeks - 2 years with a history of birth difficulties are screened for possible indications of neuro-motor (movement) problems.

Neurology Clinic
A neurologist is available for consultation twice a month. Appointments are given in advance through the social worker

Early Intervention Clinic
Trained therapists, special educators and social workers assess the physical, functional, cognitive & communication abilities of babies (0-2 years)

Home Management Services
A trans-disciplinary team with therapists, special educators and social workers work in partnership with parents and family members of children with cerebral palsy aged above 2 years.

ACE (Assessment & Counselling in Education) Services for students in mainstream schools
This offers comprehensive assessment and guidance services for all children in main stream school, with or without disabilities, facing academic, behavioral and emotional difficulties.

Aids and Appliances
Advice is given to parents about special furniture, shoes and orthotic appliances - according to the needs of child.

Jugnu Shishu Vihar Kendra(Play School)